We offer High Speed Wireless Internet to the Trenton / Wildwood / Rising Fawn areas of northwest Georgia

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For questions and general information, please call (706) 398 3761 or email us at kitepilot@kitepilot.net

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As a Visitor, you can still access a few websites. However, if you join us, you will have unlimited access to the entire World Wide Web, at very high speed (usually about a million bps!).

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The Signup process begins with you slecting a userid and password so you can access the system later to modify your membership. Then you will go to our Profile Page. If you make no other changes, please fill in at least your Name so we can tell which user is on what plan. The various plans are documented on the Profile page, and until you select a non-free plan and enter credit card data, there will be no charge for our service.

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As a Member, you should bookmark the Profile Page, so you can modify your account even when out of the area. The Profile Page contains a link to your Payment History and displays your chosen plan. There are also links to documentation on Email, etc., useful when on our system or out of the area.




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For questions and general information, please call
(706) 398-3761 or email us at info@kitepilot.net

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